Netwerkin’, originally uploaded by SavvyKAT.

Yesterday I spent the entire evening setting up the network in my place. We are now completely wireless and I also have my desktop G4 online also! You may think, psh! Duh! That is not hard… but considering we live in a 2 story place with lots of brick walls and something stoping the wireless everywhere… this was a challenge. Also quite a challenge considering we were connecting to at&t DSL.

It took them an entire WEEK to set up the service. Last Wednesday they sent someone out to “hook it up”. Which they told us it was just a matter of us plugging in the router and them turning on the service. Wrong! So the guy came Wednesday… He didn’t let anyone know. So of course there was no one to open the basement for him. He told us he was coming back Friday and had scheduled it with out “maintenance person”. Who he talked to is beyond me because the door was still locked all day Friday. AND the guy never showed up to hook it up even if the door was unlocked. I called and called him. Left message after message. No answer. No return call. We threw a fit! at&t said they would send someone out Sat morning. Well we couldn’t find anyone in time Friday evening to get them to be there Sat morning. So again.. no internet… no phone… no at&t. We were on the phone all day Saturday. Finally, the nice man that came Saturday who was from a different department of at&t said he would put it under urgent for Monday morning and that they would be ther between 7:30a and 8:30a. Apparently they all start their days around 7am? So we wait. 9a rolls around. I call the nice man back. He is confused as to why no one is there. He calls me back and said they didn’t put it on urgent, but that now they had and it would be the next ticket to be picked up. We wait again. I am on the phone on and off with this nice man. He is on the phone with everyone. A friend is on the phone with mainstream at&t. FINALLY they are telling my friend that it’s 2:30p and they the ticket was picked up @ 1:52p. More confusion! Yes, another guy called me @ 1:52p but he said it would be an hour and a half AND that he wanted to RESCHEDULE?!?!?!?!?! WHAT? NO! Then it took me another 30 minutes to try and get this guy on the phone again. At this point it was almost 3p. Finally he answers. I tell him the door will be open until 5p. He says he will be there shortly after 3p. I had to go back to work so another friend said she would let him in and act as me/my roommate. She has my first name and my roommates last name. haha It works out well. Nice and confusing! Finally at 3:30p he showed up. It took him maybe 30min to hook up. FINALLY!

Then we had to spend another 2 hours setting up the software. at&t wanted us to install all of this crap on our computers?!?!?! No… I am not falling for that old AOL trick! So then we had to get on the phone again with tech support. Ugg!

Then I spend the next hour setting everything up perfect! :) This is a picture of my taping the network cable through our place! I was determined to have internet on my desktop. I ran the cable from the router that was at the door. Through the kitchen on the ceiling. Down the wall around to the stairs. Up the stairs at the hand rail. Around the laundry room below the door. It’s taped to the floor in the laundry room inside the door. haha Then into my room and to my room! hehe YES!


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