Ginger the Mixte

DSCN4823, originally uploaded by SavvyKAT.

There she is, my “new” bike. :) I named her Ginger. It took a good few weeks to get a name vibe. I wrapped her bars 2 days ago with some awesome tape I got from It’s Deda brand and gold! Aka AWESOME! :) It was easy to wrap given I’m a first timer. It had great reviews and wasn’t to pricey. It feels great so far. Not too tacky of a feel but still had good grip. It has a slight cushion but isn’t like think foam or anything. And the color is perfect!!! :) I love it. It is definitely going to help me like this bike a lot more!!

I got the bike from e-bay a few weeks ago. It’s a Takara Mixte. I just liked the look of the bike. I also like the step-through thing. I always feel awkward putting my leg over a regular bar. The bike has more scratches than I would have liked, but really… I’m sure I will put much more on it!

This is my 4th bike purchase, well technically 5th, but 3rd in my “collection”. haha


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